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Volume 25, Issue 6
Editor Note:  J Internet Bank Commer
Editorial Note for Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC)
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Commentary:  J Internet Bank Commer, 25
Effect of Non-Performing Assets on Banking Sector: A Study on State Bank of India
 Dr. Jyotirmoy Koley
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Review Article:  J Internet Bank Commer, 25
Social Media influence on business prospects of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (EwD)
 Shibli K and Dr U Faisal
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Perspective Article:  J Internet Bank Commer, 25
Blockchain use cases revisited: Micro-lending solutions for retail banking and financial inclusion
 Dr. Christian Hugo Hoffmann
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Research Article:  J Internet Bank Commer, 25
Bankers Perspectives on Green Banking Practices in Commercial Banks: An Empirical Evidence from Nepal

Heena Tandukar, Niranjan Devkota, Ghanashyam Khanal*, Ihtsham Ul Haq Padda, Udaya Raj Paudel, Udbodh Bhandari Kabita Adhikari, and Seeprata Parajuli

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