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2010: Volume 15, Issue 3

Editorial:  JIBC
From the JIBC Publisher
Nahum Goldmann
Editorial:  JIBC
From the JIBC Editor-in-Chief
Professor Nikhil Agarwal
Research Article:  JIBC
Towards A Business Intelligence Framework For Healthcare Safety
Dominique Ferrand,Daniel Amyot,Carlos Villar Corrales
Research Article:  JIBC
La Conception De Sites Web Sur La Sante En Contexte Autochtone (The Design Of Health Information Websites For Indigenous Peoples)
Dominique Ferrand,Marie-France Gratton
Research Article:  JIBC
E-commerce et vente de vin en ligne: l’approche stratégique d’une petite entreprise (Strategic Analysis Of A Small Wine E-business Company)
P-C Pupion
Research Article:  JIBC
Selected Mobile Payment Systems In Poland - Usability Analysis From Customers’ Point Of View
Witold Chmielarz,Alojzy Nowak
Research Article:  JIBC
Economic Effectiveness Evaluation In Projects Consisting In Automating Settlement Systems. The Example Of A Financial Centre Of An International Automotive Company
Miroslaw Dyczkowski
Review Article:  JIBC
Middle Office Restrictions For E-Commerce Systems
Tadeusz Gospodarek
Research Article:  JIBC
Recurrence Plot Analysis Of Moodle Platform Users’ Activity
Jarosław Kilon,Romuald Mosdorf, Nina Siemieniuk
Research Article:  JIBC
Cross And Up-selling Techniques In E-Commerce Activities
Bernard F. Kubiak,Pawel‚ Weichbroth
Research Article:  JIBC
Marketing Information Systems As A Driver Of An Organization’s Competitive Advantage
Bernard F. Kubiak, Michal‚ F. Kowalik
Research Article:  JIBC
Analysis of selected segments of Polish e-finance market
Prof. Andrzej Malachowski
Research Article:  JIBC
Applying Business Process Modeling Techniques: Case Study
Bartosz Marcinkowski
Research Article:  JIBC
PICTURE As A Service For The Users From Public Administrations
Marian Niedzwiedzinski ,Malgorzata Ziemecka
Research Article:  JIBC
Business Performance Management for Competitive Advantage in the Information Economy
Celina M. Olszak,Ewa Ziemba
Review Article:  JIBC
The Process Of Fuzzy Model Development For The Case Of Polish Internet Mortgage Market
Aleksander Orlowski,Edward Szczerbicki
Research Article:  JIBC
Time Efficiency Of Point-Of-Sale Payment Methods: Preliminary Results
Michal‚ Polasik,Jakub Gorka,Gracjan Wilczewski,Janusz Kunkowski,Karolina Przenajkowska
Research Article:  JIBC
An Illusion Of Development And Technological Decline In Poland
Jolanta Sala,Jolanta Sala,
Research Article:  JIBC
Facility Management Process Architecture Framework
Bartlomiej sliwinski ,Renata Gabryelczyk
Research Article:  JIBC
Implementation of blended learning project at the University of Szczecin. Stage I & II
Adam Stecyk,Marcin Chojnowski
Research Article:  JIBC
Barriers And Profits Of Distance Education in Operations Research Based Decision Analysis
Tomasz Szapiro,Przemyslaw Szufel
Research Article:  JIBC
The impact Of the Internet On The Development Of Web-Based Business Models
Janusz Wielki
Research Article:  JIBC
Virtual computers offer to the modern educational solutions
Tadeusz Wilusz
Research Article:  JIBC
Quality of Web-based information systems
Kazimierz Worwa,Jerzy Stanik
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