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1997: Volume 2, Issue 2

Editorial:  JIBC
Editorial: The Internet and a Standard Language
Gordon Jenkins
Research Article:  JIBC
Selected U.S. Legal Issues in Issuance of Electronic Money
John D. Muller
Research Article:  JIBC
The Internet Will Shake Banking's Medieval Foundations
Claus Nehmzow
Research Article:  JIBC
Taxing the Internet: The Proposal for a Bit Tax
Arthur J. Cordell
Research Article:  JIBC
The Role of Check Images in Internet Banking: An Introduction
Madeleine Tausk
Research Article:  JIBC
From Cyberbucks to Cyberpunk: Tomorrow's Electronic Commerce on Today's Mean Streets
Walter A. Effross
Research Article:  JIBC
The Internet: a Challenging Competitive Weapon for Improving Industrial Companies' Performance is Emerging
George J. Avlonitis, Despina A. Karayanni
Research Article:  JIBC
Wholesale Finance, A Model for Electronic Commerce
Davide Khalil
Research Article:  JIBC
Data Warehousing, Electronic Commerce and Technological Learning: Successes and Failures from Government and Private Industry and Lessons Learned for 21st Century Electronic Government
Elias G. Carayannis
Research Article:  JIBC
Over the Water -- The View from the UK
David G.W. Birch
Research Article:  JIBC
The Consequences of Electronic Delivery Channels on The Retail Banking Industry
Mauro Cipparone
Research Article:  JIBC
Some Excerpts from "INNOVATION"
John Gehl
Research Article:  JIBC
Electronic Commerce for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
Mary-Anne Goldsworthy
Research Article:  JIBC
Hettinga's Best of the Month Internet Auctions
Robert Hettinga, Fred Hapgood
Research Article:  JIBC
The GTPNET Phase II - Moving Contacts to Contracts
Carlos Moreira
Case Report:  JIBC
Canada Investment and Savings Lays Groundwork for Online Bond Sales
Michael McDougall
Conference Report:  JIBC
Purchasing on the Internet
Research Article:  JIBC
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