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2000: Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article:  JIBC
The Evolution of Online Investment Banking
Troy J. Strader, Richard B. Carter
Editorial:  JIBC
JIBC Editorial
Martin Nemzow
Research Article:  JIBC
The E-Business Agenda
Martin Nemzow
Research Article:  JIBC
How Banks Fit in an Internet Commerce Business Activities Model
Research Article:  JIBC
Gaby Wiegran
Research Article:  JIBC
OPEN GOVERNANCE: The Case For Unregulated E-Commerce
Martin Wilcock
Research Article:  JIBC
Outside Equity Capital: Before and After the Internet
Richard B. Carter, Howard E. VanAuken, Troy J. Strader
Research Article:  JIBC
Electronic Banking in Malaysia: A Note on Evolution of Services and Consumer Reactions
Balachandher Krishnan Guru, Santha Vaithilingam, Norhazlin Ismail, Rajendra Prasad
Research Article:  JIBC
Ecommerce: In The Market or In The Marketplace?
David G. Jones
Research Article:  JIBC
The Internet Intermediary: Gateway to Internet Commerce Opportunities
Don Chrusciel
Research Article:  JIBC
Dynamic Monetary Accounting
Martin Nemzow
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