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2003: Volume 8, Issue 2

Research Article:  JIBC
An Evaluation Of Internet Banking Sites In Islamic Countries
Balachandher Krishnan Guru,Bala Shanmugam,Nafis Alam,Corrine.J.Perera
Review Article:  JIBC
Virtual Law -- Will real and virtual identity converge or diverge?
Dave Birch
Review Article:  JIBC
CELL SAILORS - An educational program aimed at mature customers on how to use mobile services
Research Article:  JIBC
Enhance Internet Banking Service Quality with Quality Function Deployment Approach
Jean-Michel SAHUT,Zuzana KUCEROVA
Research Article:  JIBC
XML: Future of E-Content Business
Xiaorui Hu and Yuhong Wu
Research Article:  JIBC
Some Free - Some Fee: the Emerging Business Model for e- Content Web Sites
Meg Murray,Ravi Narayanaswamy
Research Article:  JIBC
Role of E-Commerce in 21st Century
Review Article:  JIBC
Online Shopping: Advantages over the Offline Alternative
Dr Joshua Chang
Research Article:  JIBC
The Emergence of Interdependent E-Commerce Constructs
Abel Stephen, Manager
Review Article:  JIBC
Why Big Banks Must Deal In This New Name-Economy
Naseem Javed
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