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Integrating Trust and Computer Self-Efficacy with TAM: An Empirical Assessment of Customers’ Acceptance of Banking Information Systems (BIS) in Jamaica


Financial institutions all over the world are providing banking services via information systems, such as: automated teller machines (ATMs), Internet banking, and telephone banking, in an effort to remain competitive as well as enhancing customer service. However, the acceptance of such banking information systems (BIS) in developing countries remains open. The classical Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been well validated over hundreds of studies in the past two decades. This study contributed to the extensive body of research of technology acceptance by attempting to validate the integration of trust and computer self-efficacy (CSE) constructs into the classical TAM model. Moreover, the key uniqueness of this work is in the context of BIS in a developing country, namely Jamaica. Based on structural equations modeling using data of 374 customers from three banks in Jamaica, this study results indicated that the classic TAM provided a better fit than the extended TAM with Trust and CSE. However, the results also indicated that trust is indeed a significant construct impacting both perceived usefulness and perceived ease-of-use. Additionally, test for gender differences indicated that across all study participants, only trust was found to be significantly different between male and female bank customers. Conclusions and recommendations for future research are also provided.

Michael Reid, Yair Levy

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