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1998: Volume 3, Issue 2

Review Article:  JIBC
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (TBTF): Timely news of the bellwethers in computer and communications technology that will affect electronic commerce -- since 1994
Your Host: Keith Dawson
Book Review:  JIBC
"Self-Defense and Common Sense in Cyberspace"
Daniel S. Janal's,Walter A. Effross
Case Report:  JIBC
Call for Papers: Regulation of Electronic Commerce
Editorial:  JIBC
Gordon Jenkins
Review Article:  JIBC
The Wallet Connection
Stephanie Denny
Review Article:  JIBC
Purse Wars - What does the front line look like?
Dave Birch
Review Article:  JIBC
The Legal Report
Richard L. Field
Review Article:  JIBC
E-Comm-AWARE! E-commerce awareness program for regional communities
Mary-Anne Goldsworthy
Review Article:  JIBC
Performance Report - June 1998
Carlos Moreira
Review Article:  JIBC
The Experience of the NUOVA BANCA DI CREDITO DI TRIESTE with Electronic Commerce (part 2/3)
Miran Pecenik
Review Article:  JIBC
Smart Cards In America: Think Globally, Act Locally
Scott Smith
Review Article:  JIBC
"France struggles to implement world's first Trusted Third Party infrastructure with key escrow"
Samuel Cadogan
Research Article:  JIBC
Web Banking in USA
Eduardo Diniz
Review Article:  JIBC
Identifying Potential Customers for On-line Financial Services
Sridhar N. Ramaswami, Karen Brett,Troy J. Strader
Review Article:  JIBC
Nothing Fails Like Success: Online Growth In The Offshore World
Arthur J. Cordell
Research Article:  JIBC
Collaborating in Cyberspace: A Case Study of Computer-Mediated Communication Among 100 Scholars in 15 Countries
Marcel Allbritton,Elias G. Carayannis
Review Article:  JIBC
Excerpts from "INNOVATION"
John Gehl and Suzanne Douglas
Review Article:  JIBC
Hettinga's Best of the Month
Bob Hettinga

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