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The Yins and Yangs of Automation in Supply Chain


The ever-increasing demand of goods and services is keeping the   industry/businesses/companies on its/their toes. The challenge is to keep pace with the increasing demands and providing timely-fulfillment of related goods and services while also maintaining their quality grade and avoiding inventory overruns. Hence, the need of the hour justifies the emergence of automation in almost every aspect of a business Every change introduced in a fixed environment has its own pros and cons. It can either be beneficial for both the employees and the company. Or it can turn out to be the most devastating piece of technology in the hands of the company. The functioning of the new automated machinery depends on the handling and before that, the acceptance of it by the employees of the firm. There is always a positive side to a negative element and a negative side to a positive element. The Yin and Yang always exist simultaneously. This research paper discusses the Yins (bad) and Yangs (good) of automated machineries that enable accurate and time-efficient production while also assuring minimum wastage of resources.     

 Mohd. Azam Ansari

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