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The Strategic Impact of Technology Based CRM on Call Centers’ Performance


The primary objective of this paper is to test a model that can explain the impact of technology based CRM on inbound call center performance. To do this, data were collected from 168 call center managers and analyzed through structural equation modeling. The research findings indicate that technology based CRM significantly affects first call resolution and perceived service quality, but weakly influence caller satisfactions through the mediating role of first call resolutions. Observably, this research believes that customer contact centers as the first touch points to company are dependent on other factors such as company policy, product quality, customer characteristics, etc. to influence caller satisfactions, but unfortunately most of these factors fall outside the operational control of contact center activities. The findings in this research has empirically provided the long waiting evidence that technology based CRM applications within the inbound contact center industry can only influence caller satisfactions through first call resolution and perceived service quality. A major implication for call center managers is that this research findings has availed them the opportunity on how to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate their CRM applications.

Aliyu Olayemi Abdullateef, Dr Sany Sanuri Mohd Mokhtar, Professor Rushami Zien Yusoff

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