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The Service Quality and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in Select Commercial Banks


Consumer all over the world has become more quality conscious; hence there has been increasing customer demand for the higher quality service (SERVQUAL). It is not an exception to Bankers to consider customer satisfaction and loyalty as important to market share maintenance and profitability. This study is of exploratory research whereby different aspects of SERVQUAL in the select commercial banks are studied with a sample size of both customers and bankers to get an indication of how far SERVQUAL is implemented with a aim to secure a competitive advantage. The concept of SERVQUAL is five important dimensions which include: (i) Reliability,(ii)Assurance,(iii) Tangibles, (iv) Empathy and (v) Responsiveness. In this study it was measured in terms of banking operations, transactions, and commercially developed so the SERVQUAL its impact on customer satisfaction in select commercial banks in Hyderabad city.

Dr. M. Pandya Nayak

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