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The Piloting of E-Commerce Performance: Development of a Model of Assistance to Piloting by Objectives


In France, with more than 19 billion Euros of production figures in 2007 (Source: Acsel), there is a significant boom in the e-shopping sector. Proof lies also in the results of the first trimester of 2008, showing that the results are better than those the years before. Many businesses decide to expand on their work by creating and setting up their own boutiques on line, but however quite quickly, the problem lies in the evaluation of the retour of investments, analyses of performances of the website and the evaluation of results. In able to do this, examples concerning the performance were established revealing the web indicators to follow in order to reach the strategic objectives qualified upstream. But these types of model have often been mixed together; certain have different vectors of communication and others simply have the indicators of Web Analytics. Coming from the protocol, we managed to produce a qualitative analysis of different models in order to establish a model of global theory.

Sébastien Bruyère, Vincent Pillet, Luc Quoniam

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