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The Movement of Capital in the Field of Information Services


Modern economic development of the world community to make sure that all the changes and transformations can be resolved under the influence of the institutional environment. Investigation of the process of connectedness, which leads to the transformation of the capital in the form of a virtual existence and defines the main factors influencing its formation. A list of these factors is changing rapidly, but the driving factor is the uncertainty of the market situation, which could inflict the threat risk of loss of capital. In this regard, the base part of a flexible enterprise management tool on the market of information services can be a mechanism of risk assessment and study of performance criteria investment decisions to create the conditions to access information through enhanced Internet - space. Development and use of risk assessment techniques in conditions of transparency prevents deformation of the economic space, and to stimulate the accumulation of virtual and real capital.

Romanova AI, Ilina EV, Dobroserdova EA, Shindina TA and Mironova MD

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