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The Impact of Services, Assurance and Efficiency in Customer Satisfaction on Electronic Banking Services Offered by Banking Sector


The emerging development of Information and Communication Technology has brought many changes in almost all aspects of life. Newly developed electronic banking services like ATM Cards and e-banking, are replacing the traditional banking practice. The aim of this study is to look into the effect of product improvements, reliability and efficiency on customer satisfaction of electronic banking services. After a comprehensive literature review, the study provides a statistical analysis through a questionnaire which has been distributed to investigate the effect of product improvements, reliability and efficiency on customer satisfaction. Regarding the results obtained from the questionnaire, it is seen that all Cronbach’s Alpha values are within the acceptable level, whereas services and reliability are strongly correlated, but correlation between efficiency and satisfaction is weak. In the regression analysis, it was seen that while service and reliability have positive effect on customer satisfaction, efficiency`s effect is negative.

Armend Salihu, Hasan Metin

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