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The End-user Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) On Computerized Accounting System (CAS): How They Perceived?


The purpose of this study is to measure the level of satisfaction among the end-users of computerized accounting system (CAS) in private companies. The study determines the relationship of five factors (content, accuracy, format, ease of use, timeliness) that influence satisfactory level among the end users toward the CAS. Further, this paper examines critical factors in EUCS (content, accuracy, format, ease of use, timeliness) that contributes most to satisfaction. The research was conducted using a set of questionnaire to 269 private companies’ staffs that using computerized accounting system (CAS). This study is analyzed with reliability analysis, correlation analysis and Standardized Regression Weight (using Structural Equation Modelling technique). The empirical results of this study can provide support for the Doll and Torkzadeh model (1988), which related to the factors contributing end-users’ satisfaction toward accounting system.

Azleen Ilias, Norazah Bte Mohd Suki, Mohd Rushdan Yasoa’, Mohd Zulkeflee Abd Razak

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