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The Effect of Management Accounting, Financial Performance and Organizational Performance in Tafresh University


The purpose of research is to study the impact of use the management accounting on financial performance and organizational performance in Tafresh medical sciences university. The participants of this research are all of the financial experts are in arak medical science university. The number of samples analyzed was 150, a standard data collection tool is in the study questionnaire Masinati and Pesina. For data analysis used from lisrel software, the research is including 7 hypotheses. Results of research hypothesis examination suggested that is organizational strategy has the positive impact on design of management accounting but not effect on the use of management accounting. Also design of management accounting not effect on use of management accounting. But all of dimensions of management accounting have the positive impact on financial performance and organizational performance.

Kasravi A, Morteza Ghasemi, Najafi Zadeh N

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