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The Caring Extranet: Implementing Extranet Business Communities


With the emergence of Internet commerce (iCommerce) and online transactional delivery of administrative services (iCompliance), world-leading corporations and public sector agencies must swiftly transfer their business to the fast-paced Internet. Their senior executives need to have a clear understanding as to how the new ways of service delivery affect corporate strategies in the global environment. Experience shows that the implementation of expensive push-button applications does not ensure business success on the Internet. For a corporation that must swiftly restructure for survival, a sudden change from a hierarchical bureaucratic model to the entrepreneurial iCommerce venture is likely to be painful. To rapidly restructure itself, an organization needs to establish a special framework, a multiphase program for managing the transition process. This article describes how to define such a framework. It introduces a new fundamental concept of the Extranet Business Community and describes what it consists of, what makes it different from conventional ways of running a business, and how much it might cost.

Nahum Goldmann

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