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Study of Consumer Perception of Digital Payment Mode


The last decade has seen tremendous growth in use of internet and mobile phone in India. Increasing use of internet, mobile penetration and government initiative such as Digital India are acting as catalyst which leads to exponential growth in use of digital payment. Electronics Consumer transaction made at point of sale (POS) for services and products either through internet banking or mobile banking using smart phone or card payment are called as digital payment. The consumer perception of digital payment has a significant and positive impact on adoption of digital payment. The structured questionnaire was used as research tool for understanding consumer perception of digital payment. Primary data was collected from 150 respondents in Delhi. ANOVA and frequency analysis was used to analyze the responses. ANOVA indicate that there is no significant variance in consumer perception based on the demographic factors such as gender, age, profession and annual income of the patients. However education was found to significant influence for adoption of digital payment.

Shamsher Singh, Ravish Rana

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