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Strategic Potential and Potential of Consumer Cooperation Organizations Development: Methodology of Formation and Assessment


The paper provides the substantiation of the methodology of the formation and assessment of strategic potential and consumer cooperation organizations’ development potential, which makes it possible to adequately reflect the regularities in the dynamics of the functioning of the systems subjects in the context of the singled out units. The study proves that the organization’s development potential is the decomposition of the strategic potential, with which the goal, is the assurance of the process of the organization’s development. Alongside with this consumer cooperation organizations’ goals are regarded as the characteristics of socio-economic system in accordance with the established general systemic features of wholeness, integrity and hierarchy. The paper critically analyzes the approaches to the adjustment of Balanced Scorecard to the conditions of Russian consumer cooperation activities. The result of the study in its theoretical part is the characteristics of interconnection of cooperative categories, of economic potential, strategic potential and development potential of consumer cooperation organizations, and in practical – the development of the methodology of strategic potential assessment in the context of resource, competence, business, market and social units.

Prizhigalinskaya TN, Ternovsky DS, Ukolova LV, Piankova MG

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