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Strategic Implications of an Emerging Cashless Society on Non-retail Industries


Many non-retail industries lack a fundamental understanding of the implications payment acceptance has on their business. Research into 11 targeted markets cuts through popular hypothesis and casts a clearer direction for a wide spectrum of non-retail markets in a cashless society. While management publications do focus on product and service differentiation, they often ignore payment acceptance in their analysis. This study's findings add insights into how payment acceptance differentiation continues to play a role in a consumer's decision making process, within a nonretail setting. This study also defines leading solutions that may be replicated in different markets. As demand for electronic payment rises, retailers are proposed to revisit the influence that payment acceptance has on their industry. *I would like to give thanks to the following indivduals for assisting me with this article: Professor Kathryn Harrigan, Mr. Anthony Klimas, Mrs. Salina Shah.

Salil Mehta

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