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State-of-the-Art in E-Commerce Carbon Footprinting


This paper provides a survey of the state-of-the-art in E-Commerce Carbon Footprinting. This comprehensive literature survey informs the research community on past and recent objective and subjective efforts towards measuring Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Efficacy of E-Commerce. Moreover, this paper provides a framework for categorizing research in this critical area. We also provide a summary of some very promising future research directions in Carbon Footprinting of E-Commerce. Our survey corroborates that Carbon Footprinting is now considered a widely recognized broad framework of gauging Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Efficacy of E-Commerce. Furthermore, it informs us that the research in this discipline is fast expanding and evolving. Such a survey in this critical research field is significant for government and corporate policy-makers in formulating informed decisions regarding Sustainability. In addition, the research in this domain may be useful to environmentally conscious consumers who want to make informed choices on their consumption habits for reducing their personal Carbon Footprints.

Marcelo Velasquez, Abdul-Rahim Ahmad, Michael, Bliemel

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