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Social Commerce Dimensions: The Potential Leverage for Marketers


Nowadays, many firms are exploiting the social media tools in order to attract consumers by participating and/or engaging in a collaborative online social environment. Social commerce has evolved to include a plethora of social media tools and strategies that can be used in the context of e-commerce. The purpose of this paper is to explore the content of related works about social media and business in order to propose a classification framework based on social commerce dimensions. Furthermore, this study investigates new social media tools and presents some directions for retailers to use social media’s potential for improvement their business strategy. Finally, it provides recommendations for future research studies in social commerce. Because the field of social media is under explored, especially from a business perspective, a qualitativeexploratory methodology has been chosen. Results show marketers should realize the growing popularity of social media among customers and devise marketing strategies to cater to their needs, thus fostering a satisfying experience for customers. Blending new social channels together more effectively will increase marketing efficiency and sales.

Mahdi Shadkam,James O’Hara

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