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Service Bundling as Pricing Strategy for Mobile Services: Scandinavian Perspective


At the moment one of the most potential and interesting pricing method for mobile services business is a bundle pricing strategy. According to prior studies the service bundling is preferred especially by customers of mobile and electronic services. This study is exploratory and it has provided an empirical market specific evidence and support for mobile service providers to apply the service bundling strategy in Finnish and Scandinavian markets. According to our findings, customers[1] in Finland preferred to acquire mobile services in bundles rather than separately. It was also discovered that customers who were most experienced mobile Internet users or Internet users through mobile phone as modem, were the most anxious to acquire mobile services in bundles. While customers with less experience from these service channels were more often better off in acquiring mobile services separately; even though it wouldn’t be economically justified. It was also found that a mobile service provider should provide service bundles of three to five services (depending on the customer segment).

Munnukka Juha,Mattila Minna

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