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Sales Person Organization Fit: A Review of the State of the Art


In the present economic and business scenario the role of front line sales persons has become highly vital as market place is becoming more and competitive and customers are spoilt for choice. In most of the organizations a large work force of sales personnel’s is employed and this is more prominent in the service sector. The company workers or agents working in the sales function and using their own inter personal relations to enlighten, influence and make relationships with prospective customers; consumers and clientele with the endeavor of persuading them to buy the companies goods and services are called salespersons. A large number of persons are occupied in direct selling for concerns and companies across the globe. Sales people add value to their organizations by contributing to the revenue. They are the actual face of the corporation in community and supervise the firm-buyer liaison. The present paper traces the evolution of study of this field and brings out the research conducted in various parts of the world to analyze and promote the Fit between sales Persons and Organizations.

Amanjot Kaur Gill, Kapil Kn

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