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Review on the Implementation of Mobile Commerce in Malaysia


Malaysia is the second highest mobile penetration in South East Asia after Singapore. Although M-Commerce still at infancy stage, Malaysia has already embarked on the adoption of M-Commerce. As the communications and multimedia industry evolves towards convergence, licences under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 are formulated to be both technology and service neutral. This creates opportunities for expansion into the industry particularly in the area of applications service providers and provides for a more effective utilisation of network infrastructure. To help future applications and technologies handle M-Commerce, Varshney and Vetter (2002) proposed four levels of M-Commerce framework: M-Commerce applications, user infrastructure, middleware, and network infrastructure. Mohd and Osman (2005) have adapting this model into M-Commerce applications in Malaysia. M-Commerce does have a bright future in Malaysia. To achieve this objective, mobile users expect an improvement in charges access fee, network quality, accessibility and speed. Other issues need to be considered are security and customer customisation. With government support, M-Commerce in Malaysia has a very promising future and moves forward in sectors that are clearly going to be the engines of growth worldwide over the next few years.

Chai Lee GOI

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