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Priority Analysis of Subscription Attributes for High-Speed Internet Service: Application of AHP Technique


Korea’s subscription rate for high-speed internet services has already reached a saturation point, and many internet service companies are still trying to entice new subscribers by offering various subscription promotions. Due to fierce competition, service providers have also tried to improve their offerings in the high-speed internet service market. This study thus focuses on the high-speed internet service market in Korea and consumers’ decisions regarding the attributes and features for which they select high-speed internet service. This study conducts a literature review and assesses the current promotions offered by internet service providers to determine the major attributes for high-speed internet service subscriptions. The AHP technique is used to determine the importance of the subscription attributes, and unlike in prior studies, it hierarchically shows consumers’ selection criteria to subscribe to a high-speed internet service and also calculates the weight of the subscription attributes as a result of their decision making. The results of the study are expected to provide practical implication for marketing practitioners and internet service providers.

Hyung Seok Lee

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