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Nonlinear Antecedents of Consumer Satisfaction on E-Banking Portals


This study verifies the nonlinearity of main inductors of customer satisfaction with the quality of online banking services. To that end, we performed an exploratory and quantitative research, through a survey applied to a sample of 256 respondents, e-banking service users. Using an exploratory factorial analysis, we identified eight input dimensions, composed of 33 relevant attributes, listed as inducers of the quality of e-banking services. Then, we used a non-linear regression technique (Penalty Reward Contrast Analysis) to classify dimensions related to the quality of the e-banking services as “basic”, “one-dimensional”, “attractive” or “neutral”, and compared the outcomes of this method to a linear regression analysis. The results point out that, controlled by gender and education, the dimensions “support to transactions” and “safety” are one-dimensional attributes; the dimensions of “convenience,” “decision support,” and “problem solving” are basic attributes, and “design” and “benefits” can be considered as attractive or exciting attributes. In addition, the results show that the nonlinear analysis explains 12.5% better the variance (Adj. R2) of general customer evaluation of the service, than traditional linear analysis. The contribution of this study consists in clarifying the service quality factors affecting customer use of Internet banking services, valuable to improve quality services.

Edilson Bacinello, Linda Jéssica De Montreuil Carmona, Jurema Tomelim, Henrique Corrêa Da Cunha, Gérson Tontini

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