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Methods for Cybercrime Fighting Improvement in Developed Countries


The paper submitted covers advanced methods of cybercrime fighting in developed countries and opportunities of their use for law enforcement in Republic of Kazakhstan. Economic opportunities of computer technologies make them attractive for criminals. Cybercrime is promoted by IT in everyday life and Internet. Technical methods of protection from criminal offense committed with the use of computer technologies are studied together with organizational and criminal law methods enabling efficient investigation of cybercrimes, correct classification of crime components and fair punishment. Feasibility of further criminalization of acts accounting for lucri causa and crime commitment method in cybercrimes is substantiated. The conducted research enabled the author to classify the advanced contemporary methods in connection with fighting cybercrime and come to the conclusion on their comprehensive use. Some exact steps were submitted for improvement of criminal regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan accounting for lucri causa and crime commitment method (using computer technologies in a number of classified components of crimes against property).

Murashbekov OB

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