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Measuring the Impacts of Internet Banking to Bank Performance: Evidence from Vietnam


Internet banking is an innovative service in the banking industry. However, researching about the impact of internet banking to bank’s performance is rarely seen. In Vietnam, no research has been found recently by researchers. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of internet banking to performance (profitability ratios, noninterest operating expenses and incomes) of banks in Vietnam in the period from 2009-2014. The study uses random effect model (REM) and fixed effect model (FEM) to estimate the relationships between Internet indicators and bank’s performance. The results from the regression model showed that internet banking had an impact on bank profitability through an increase of income from service activities. However, the impact level was low and had a lag time of over 3 years, which is longer than findings from previous studies.

Van Dinh, Uyen Le and Phuong Le

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