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Measurement on Usage of the Internet Banking in Colombia


Internet Banking is a set of financial services through internet platforms. Its measure is oriented towards infrastructures more than users. For such a reason, it is required to understand the needs of strengthening measurements in Internet Banking uses. In Colombia, there were no studies identified in measurement of Internet Banking most used service and motivating factors for such uses. Therefore, the purpose of this study herein is to present the results on the measurements of Internet Banking uses in Colombia in order to explore which of those services are the most used in the country and which most important aspects influence such uses. Method used for this study is composed by a conceptual framework and an assessment process divided into a design and implementation of an adequate measurement system and presentation of results. These results have shown that bank statement and account statement are the most used Internet Banking based services in Colombia. Moreover, quality, familiarity, use and usability and trust are the most influencing factors in the use of Internet Banking in this country.

Fredy ECS and Torres JMS

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