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Positioning your enterprise and business for growth and sustainability


Do you have a business roadmap? The entrepreneurship journey is one that takes the owner through a lot of hills and thrills. It takes you across a lot of mucky waters which if not anticipated and deftly maneuvered, may lead to frustration and eventual jettison of the journey. One of the full proof tools that help to anchor business owners and end entrepreneurs through this vagaries, is having a clear roadmap. Your business plan is not enough to anchor your business execution. Most of the time you need a roadmap document especially if your business is in a state of flux with changing market conditions, changing supply model, startup challenges, etc. To avoid pursuing many windy paths or dead ends in 2019, it is always good to have a roadmap. That roadmap encapsulates the path to the vision with pillars and enablers which team members can understand. Business leaders and practitioners need a framework for guiding the mobilization of an organization around its strategic plan. Such a roadmap enables leaders and members to clearly understand each element for rolling out a strategy. It details what decisions need to be made, who needs to make them and when. A roadmap enables everyone in the business to clearly understand each action and what decisions need to be made, who needs to make them and when such decisions should be executed.

Oladapo Akinloye

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