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Mapping E-banking Models to New Technologies


Banks operates in a dynamic environment, with a continuous pressure from customers, and stakeholders. As well as set of challenges from banks environments and technological advancements. To determine technological solutions for banks operations and processes, an analysis to the literature were conducted depending on several e-banking models. Where, prior researches show the different requirement for e-banking, which include e-banking requirements; to be determined from the banking models, and then; customer requirements, which includes several operations that meets customer changing capabilities. The current study, proposed a model for e-banking, which is composed of five main domains, mainly; bank functional and non-functional requirements, customer functional and non-functional requirements, bank technological capabilities, customers technological capabilities, and suppliers technological capabilities. And then, matches e-banking systems to latest technologies. Where, two types of bidirectional fit take place; first, the requirements bidirectional fit to supplier’s technological capabilities, and second, the requirements bidirectional fit to banks and customers capabilities.

Ismail M Romi

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