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Internet Banking Users's Competence and its Influence On Usage Satisfaction-A View from India


Competitive pressures, emergence of internet technology pressurized many of the Indian banks to undergo tremendous changes and offer technology based services to their customers. Especially innovative development in Information and Communication Technology resulted in the new dimensional Indian banks to offer banking services through electronic services and computerized manners which resulted in the dawn of ATM, Internet banking, Mobile banking summed up as Electronic Banking. Electronic Banking is a radical technological innovation with potential to change the structure and nature of banking from “bricks and mortar” into a “clicks and mortar”. There has been substantial growth in Internet Banking. Research on the reason for its growth has been few and apart though some of the research indicates adoption of internet banking depends on the competency, technical experience and self efficacy of the consumers. This has necessitated the need to research further for better understanding of the consumer’s usage and their satisfaction

Vijay Kumar Rajarathinam and Chandra Kumar Mangalam

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