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Internet Banking Customer Satisfaction and Online Service Attributes


The purpose of the study was to (a) identify which customer service and online attributes predict overall satisfaction, (b) to determine if satisfied customers use more online banking features than less satisfied customers and (c) to identify characteristics of less satisfied customers. The sample was drawn from one of the main banks in Kuwait, the Middle East. Multiple regression and discriminant analyses were used to analyze the data. The findings suggest that satisfaction can be generated through improving courtesy, content, timeliness and product and services offered. The latter being the most important factor in driving internet banking satisfaction. The findings suggest that the majority of the customers in the sample are satisfied or very satisfied with the service and online systems attributes. The investigation does not support previous findings that more satisfied customers tend to use more product and services or that using internet banking for a longer period is associated with higher levels of satisfaction. It appears that companies that offer a wide product portfolio and relevant website content accompanied by prompt and courteous response create satisfaction online.

Hernan E. Riquelme, Khalid A. Mekkaoui, Rosa E. Rios

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