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Internet Banking and Jordanian Corporate Customers: Issues of Security and Trust


Research on the acceptance behaviour of technology is sizeable, yet it is relatively heterogeneous and fragmented in the context of developing economies like Jordan. The paper tries to offer insights about two critical factors in acceptance behavior of Jordanian customers, namely, security and trust. This article puts together an integrated conceptual model for acceptance behavior of Jordanian Corporate customers that includes these two critical issues. Hypotheses are developed from extant literature, these indicate possible associations among the constructs of the model. Based on input received from 353 corporate customers, the proposed model is empirically tested using structural equation modeling. Of the hypothesized associations examined, five were found to be statistically significant and in the right direction. The results confirm most of the findings of previous research on the subject, while some fresh insights on the interrelationships of the constructs used are also revealed. The results of the study have serious implications for bankers, corporate online users, and business educators, who may use the empirically tested model as a diagnostic and monitoring tool in explaining the acceptance behavior of Jordanian business users of online banking. This paper concludes that security and trust should be integrated to perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use in explaining acceptance behaviour of corporate customers.


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