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Internet banking adoption in Azerbaijan: Factors influenced consumers


The banking industry has changed dramatically since internet penetration and the introduction of the internet banking concept. Internet banking is a new type of information system that uses innovative resources of the Internet, through which customers can use an increasing number of banking services. The primary objective of this research is to define the factors that influence internet banking adoption in Azerbaijan, such as internet banking is influenced by perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness.   A total of 95 respondents in Azerbaijan responded through an online questionnaire. The results of the survey tested clearly that the use of online banking is influenced by prior internet knowledge and information on online banking, perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness. The results also revealed that age, gender, and education has a significant impact on the usage of online banking. Finally, this paper suggests that an understanding and recognizing of the factors affecting the intention to use internet banking is very important to practitioners who plan and foster new forms of banking activities in the current competitive environment.


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