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Internet Activities among Malaysian Insurance Companies


Many studies have been conducted to study Internet usage. Most of them focused on SMI/SME, individuals, services organisations including the financial sector. Previous studies on Internet usage in the financial sector in Malaysia were more focused towards the banking institutions. Not much information is available with regards to the Internet usage among insurance companies. Recognizing the potential of the Internet to insurance companies, the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara of Malaysia) has established guidelines that allow insurers to offer their services online. This study describes the extent of Internet usage among Malaysian insurers. Some insurers have already begun to use the Internet to conduct their daily business transactions, some are in the midst of planning to use and some do not have plan to use at all. Many of them stated that security, customer readiness and cost of initial investment were important considerations when deciding to adopt Internet technologies.

Ainin Sulaiman, Noor Ismawati Jaafar and Tee Chee Kiat

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