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Integration of Education System to the National Innovative Complex


Socially significant programs, in particular education quality improvement, are with an increased focus in Kazakhstan. The role of modern education system goes up in the human capital development as a base unit of measure for the society living standards to recognize Kazakhstan among more comparative countries. Meanwhile the national education system can’t be improved without any integration with the tendencies of the world educational space. In the Republic the legal platform is created to perform multitier training of specialists providing sufficiently distinct practice for the knowledge gained, ministrant to diversify education methodology and methods at the different levels of training. To improve the education content the following issues are considered: improvement of its state compulsory standards all the all levels, amendments to the curriculum and academic program in recognition of the innovative educational technology adoption. Nowadays it may be legitimately declared that Kazakhstan high education system reform has taken the place. Kazakhstan successfully entered the world educational space and became its full member. High education system of Kazakhstan adequately complies with the main procedures of the Bologna process. The next development stage of the Republican education system is to be the improvement of its activity in the context of the training quality improvement.


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