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Influences on Cell Phone Banking Adoption in South Africa: An Updated Perspective


The purpose of this paper is to revisit the question of what factors influence cell phone banking adoption in South Africa, in the light of an earlier study conducted by Brown, Cajee and Davis. Brown et al. found that in 2002 despite the availability of cell phone banking, very few bank customers were making use of it. Hence a survey was conducted amongst potential users, rather than actual users. In this study conducted in 2010, an updated cell phone banking adoption framework drawing from more recent literature was employed, and a cross-sectional survey was conducted amongst a sample of cell phone subscribers, a large proportion of whom were cell phone banking users, rather than just potential users. A total of 220 responses were gathered and the data were analyzed through partial least squares with structural equation modeling, as well as regression splines. The results show that utility expectancy and user satisfaction play a key determinant role in the adoption behavior of cell phone banking users in South Africa.

Felix Olu Bankole, Omolola Ola Bankole, Irwin Brown

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