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Influence of Technology on the Performance of Indian Banking Sector - A Review


Banking system plays a very important role in the Indian economy. It is like a central nerve to a nation’s economy as it caters to the financial needs of credit in all the domains of the society. The growth and advancements in technology has led to a paradigm shift in the entire banking operations and systems. Further the development of e-banking created a massive change in terms of fulfilling customers’ divergent needs. The two fold objectives of current budget, namely, demonetization and GST, purely depend on digital banking. The present study explores the influence of technology in banking sector among customers by reviewing the relevant literature from the earlier studies. An in-depth study on the impact of technology in banking, reveals the factors such as, effectiveness of data management, value added services, level of knowledgeand awareness, security, safety, service quality, productivity, and profitability.

Reeshma KJ, Dunstan Rajkumar A

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