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Influence of Demographic Profile On Acceptance of Internet Banking In A Non Metro City In Tamil Nadu, India An Empirical Study


The study examines the influence of demographic variables age, gender, marital status, educational level, occupation, monthly income and type of account held by the clients in non metro cities of Tamil Nadu, India. The paper builds on existing literature in demographic variables towards acceptance of internet banking. Quantitative analysis was carried out by collecting response through a well designed questionnaire to clients who have a bank account in the private sector banks and living in non metro cities of Tamil Nadu. A sample of 200 customers from private sector banks was surveyed from Vellore city which is a non metro city. To analyze the data, chi square tests were used in testing the association of the demographic variables with internet bank acceptance. Out of seven demographic variables associated with intention to use and the study revealed that five variables like age, gender, educational qualification, monthly income and type of account held illustrate significance towards acceptance of internet banking services in Vellore city. The study was done on private bank customers in Vellore city only hence the results cannot be generalized.


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