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Impact of Purchasing Decisions on Eco Friendly Products in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector with Special Reference to Calicut District, Kerala


Today’s world is witnessed by a drastic increase in the products that are either substitutes or complementary. The consumers are in a dilemma with regard to their purchase decision. The availability of the products is a boon to the economy, but are these products being utilized in a proper manner where in the environmental issues are taken into consideration. The resources that are available in the economy are less as compared to what is needed. Therefore a proper balance is to be kept between the utilization and its disposal. The producers may be concerned about their profit margin, still keeping the objectives the production could be effectively done without harming the environment. If the products which are environment friendly, are produced the attitude and awareness of the consumer is important. The paper draws a light into the awareness and attitude of consumers with regard to FMCG eco-friendly products which is confined to Calicut district. A questionnaire is designed to find out the market awareness of eco-friendly products, to analyse the perception of consumers and also to identify the consumer’s willingness to pay for eco-friendly products. The data is alsobeen collected from various secondary sources. The results illustrates that majority of the consumers are not aware of products available in the market. Consumers are willing to pay more if there is green feature for the product but they are averse because of green washing by the companies.

Sruthiya VN

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