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Framework for Measuring the Convenience of Advanced Technology on User Perceptions of Internet Banking Systems


Financial institutions, particularly banks, are one of the largest investors in the domains of information systems, and there are quite clear signs that these trends to overspread in the future. The advent and expansion of globalization and the development of information technologies pushed the banks to adopt advanced technology in order to launch new services. Banks have applied remote enabled service using the Internet to gain competitive advantage, increase efficiency, reduce costs and offer a variety of new services. Online systems make banking transactions easy and convenient, particularly for disabled people who may require special services. The main purpose of this current study is to examine the main keys to measure the merit perception of using Internet banking technology, as this advanced technology is considered as one of the principal motivations underlying the inclinations of individuals to adopt such a convenient technology. The model formulated and developed in this research study is an extension to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The model was tested with a survey sample of 400 people chosen randomly. The findings of the study indicate that all mentioned factors in the proposed model (CNV, SE, QI, AW, PEU, PU) have significant impact within prompting the use of Internet banking systems. Data analysis is based on the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).

Laith T Khrais

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