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Factors Affecting Third Generation (3G) Mobile Service Acceptance: Evidence from Malaysia


This paper aims to examine factors affecting subscribers’ intention towards using 3G mobile service. Cross sectional data were collected from 100 respondents through a survey. Data were then analyzed by means of multiple regression analysis. The findings verified the research hypotheses, and confirmed that Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use and Attitude are jointly responsible in determining the subscribers’ intention to use of 3G mobile service. Perceived Usefulness was found as a key factor influences subscribers’ intention to use 3G mobile services. This study was conducted only in Malaysia and does not cover other countries. The findings are only applicable in Malaysia and cannot be generalised for the other countries. Consideration of the factors identified should lead to more successful adoption of 3G. The study implies that the 3G mobile telecommunication companies need to lift consumers’ intention to adopt 3G mobile services. Users’ of 3G mobile services need to be provided with more diverse and entertaining ways of communicating, which are at the same time easily accessible and convenient to use. The paper enhance understanding of user acceptance of 3G mobile communication services.

Norazah Mohd Suki

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