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Factors Affecting Non Bank-Issued POS E-micropayment Choice: A Study of Taiwan Market


In Taiwan, organizations with existing captive markets, that is, transport-related companies and convenience stores, have issued their own non bank-issued POS e-micropayment programs and achieved good success. Due to legal restriction imposed on non bank-issued programs, Taiwan’s market has evolved further resulting in two major categories: non bank-issued programs and bank-issued programs. Through an extended Post-acceptance Model of IS Continuance which incorporated network externality, we examined the factors which influenced users to continue using non bank-issued programs and the impact of bank-issued programs on the development of non bank-issued programs. Our study found that perceived usefulness, satisfaction of users and the demand side of network externality directly affected users’ intention to continue using the program. The study also showed how external factors in Taiwan such as regulatory restriction and retail structure have affected programs’ development.

Wee Kheng Tan, Shih Kuo Chen

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