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Evaluating the Impact of Promotion Price, Product Quality, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Repeating Purchase Incentives (Case Study: Amiran Chain Stores)


The aim of this study was to assess the impact of price promotion on evaluating the quality of customer and repeating purchase incentives. This research is an applied study in terms of objective, it is also considered as a causal study. Field study and questionnaire were used to evaluate hypotheses and statistical analysis of data. The population of this research includes customers of Amiran chain stores in Karaj. Finally 300 questionnaires have been completed using appropriate sampling. To test the hypotheses, structural equation modeling and LISREL software were used. According to the analysis of data, the results indicate that the price promotion affects on the product quality, service quality, satisfaction and repeating purchase incentives in Amiran chain stores in Karaj. The product quality and service quality significantly affect satisfaction of customers in Amiran chain stores in Karaj; and satisfaction has a significant effect on repeating purchase incentives in Amiran chain stores in Karaj.

Shekoufeh Ghezelbash, Hussein Khodadadi

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