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Electronic Commerce and Knowledge Economics, Trust and Co-opetition in a Global Business Environment


Numerous authors are moving away from traditional ideas about the basis of firms' competitive advantages, such as superior strategic formulation by top managers, and towards a view which emphasizes the internal "resources" of the firm (see, for e xample, Barney, 1990). Recent works focus in particular on knowledge creation (Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995) as the source of a given firm's unique and inimitable advantage. To be more specific, the firm's advantage is a function of the specialized knowled ge held by its employees, the ability of the firm's management and other organizational routines to access that knowledge, and the integration of that knowledge into action (Grant, 1996). We focus on the significance of knowledge economics and co-opetitive dynamics in understanding the role and potential of electronic commerce in an increasingly globalized and electronically based economy.

Elias Carayannis, Jeffrey Alexander

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