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Effectiveness of Social Media Networks as a Strategic Tool for Organizational Marketing Management


Social media gained rapid prominence within few years of its existence. It is generally the medium to socialize and many are awed by the transformation of communications processes especially among generations Y midwifed by the media platforms. Social media has now crept into the boardrooms of business organizations and just like the internet; it has transformed the selling and buying processes. Though social media is a recent phenomenon, it has proven to be just as effective as or even more effective than traditional marketing. Several organizations now struggle to have a presence in the web in order to interface with customers far and near. Furthermore, the use of social media by some organizations starts with simple marketing and the creation of awareness about their products and services. However, these have advanced to public communications and interactions with customers and other stakeholders. Despite these huge advantages, it is fraught with challenges. This paper discusses the benefits and limitations of social media as a strategic tool for organizational marketing management. It also reviewed the benefits and challenges of this massive conundrum which has taken business management by storm and concludes with vital recommendations for organizational managers.

Icha Oyza, Agwu M. Edwin

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