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Does the Type of Banking have an Impact on the Overall Service Quality of Online Banking?


The world is continuously changing with the usage of technology. Technological developments have affected the operations in all the sectors of the economy and the banking sector is no exception. The customers have started preferring non-conventional ways of banking like online banking over conventional ways of banking. Additionally, competition within the banking industry has also grown to intense levels. All these have led banks to become customer-centric and focus on customer relationships and retention. One of the ways to achieve customer retention is through the improvement in the overall service quality of online banking. This paper has analyzed the factors influencing the overall service quality of online banking by the survey of 1014 online banking users through Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). Next, a comparative study of public and private sector banks in India was done by multiple regression analysis. The paper concludes that all the independent factors of the model do influence the overall service quality of online banking of both types of banks but the individual factor influence differently with the different bank types.

Bhoomi Meht

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