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Does Internet Advertising Affect the Internet Banking Effectiveness? A Three Dimensional Model for Iran


With the rapid growth of the Internet banking and financial sectors in Iran, customers are encouraged to utilize Internet banking as first priority. At the same time, the question of retaining customers or market-share has become one of the top areas of research for researchers and practitioners who aim at optimal marketing strategies. Accordingly, This study builds a three-dimensional model (factors to adopt Internet banking, Internet advertising effects, and Customer pleasure) to examine the impact of Internet advertising on the Internet banking in order to find possible solutions in this area of banking. The theoretical three-dimensional model incorporates two new variables namely, “arousal” and “attitude toward brand” to test the changes in electronic transactions. Totally, 161 expert questionnaires (academics and practitioners) were collected and analyzed. We found that these variables explain successfully the impact of Internet advertising on the effectiveness of Internet banking. The findings show that increasing the customer’s arousal by Internet advertisements to use Internet banking as well as creating a positive attitude toward bank’s brand are the key factors in Internet banking effectiveness.


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