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Determinants of Customers’ Adoption of Mobile Banking: An Empirical Study by Integrating Diffusion of Innovation with Attitude


Adoption of mobile technology as an alternate distribution channel in delivering the banking services to customer’s shows prospective in the newly developed banking model all over world. Mobile banking is a new radical innovation in the excellence of service delivery to banks. Banks are mining this technology to empower the society containing both banked and un-banked customers as well as bringing profits to mobile network operators and reducing the operational cost for the banks. This research attempted to integrate the customer’s attitude and social environmental factor i.e. mimetic force with Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) model by Roger’s in widening the applicability to mobile banking in India. It explains the customers’ attitude towards mobile banking in terms of innovation attributes i.e. Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Trialbility, Observability and Institution theory i.e. mimetic pressure which leads to the formation of attitude towards adoption of mobile banking. It was found compatibility; trialability and mimetic force are the good predictors for attitude towards adoption of mobile banking in Indian context. The research has enhanced knowledge base on customer adoption of mobile banking and has identified the innovation attributes and mimetic force in explaining the customers’ attitude in better understanding of the commercial likelihood of distribution channel.


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